Lawrence, KS Haunted House - 4520 Grove Drive

Sat. Oct./21st/2017: 6-8pm

Sun. Oct./22nd/2017: 6-8pm

Sat. Oct./28th/2017: 6-8pm

Sun. Oct./29th/2017: 6-8pm

Tues. Oct./31st/2017: 4-5pm

On select evenings in October, ‘haunted location’ tours are offered through the supposedly cursed McFinnigan Manor; a once ominous countryside mansion, demolished in 1994 with the center home of a new neighborhood constructed over the original basement…

The Story

   At the turn of the twentieth century, a man named James McFinnigan inherited the mansion after his father’s mysterious death. James was long rumored to have lost his mind, and became enraged when his son Frank married a lower class woman named Claudia Buford. Thirteen days after the birth of their first child, Fredrick Elias McFinnigan, Frank and Claudia vanished without a trace… This was a fate shared by many McFinnigans before them. James reluctantly raised Fred in the mansion, though he acted cold and distant throughout his grandson’s childhood.

   Fred grew unusually tall and eventually became a successful athlete in college. Similar to Frank and Claudia, Fred later became engaged to a lower class girl named Emily Thompson in 1923. Shortly after receiving an invitation to his grandson’s wedding, James went missing on September 13th. It was believed he took his own life in the mansion’s basement, though nothing was ever found. One month after their October 1st wedding, Fred and Emily inherited and moved back into the mansion … but were never seen again.

The Experience

The mansion was demolished in 1994, except for the basement, over which a new house was constructed. Legend has it that every October, reports of unexplainable paranormal events come from the basement. Guests of the ‘haunted location’ tours will enter the house, where their Tour Guide gives a video presentation establishing the back-story behind the mansion that once stood on those very grounds. After the presentation, the group is led downstairs and through the basement, where guests find that the legend is true.