My animation reel. All work depicted was created by myself.

The intro to Flint Education's show 'Izzy & Ike.'

The storyboard animatic for the intro to Flint Education's show 'Izzy & Ike.'
The storyboard animatic for my animated short film Quincy & Quinton.
Quincy & Quinton won "Best Animation" at the KU Tensie Awards 2018.

A preview for McFinnigan Manor, our home haunt attraction:
"On select evenings in October, ‘Haunted Location’ Ghost Tours are hosted through the remains of McFinnigan Manor; a once ominous countryside mansion, demolished in 1994 when a new house was constructed over the original basement. McFinnigan Manor is said to be one of the most haunted places in the nation, and its uninvited guests find themselves walking straight into the spirit world..."

A woman learns to fly again after grieving the loss of her son.
This was my sophomore film I developed for an intermediate Animation class at the University of Kansas.
This film is also a spiritual sequel to my animated short Colors.
Johnny the Generic Jacob Hood Character was on a stroll one day, when he stumbled across a little green Apple.
This is the culminating project for my self-taught study learning CGI animation at the University of Kansas.
Created when I was a junior at Free State High School, Colors follows the story of Blue, who is beginning to feel frustrated with his boss and tired of his lifetime career; giving color to things that should be blue. His life changes when he accidentally befriends a completely new color, breaking unspoken social barriers and inadvertently risking the life of his new friend.
Colors was created for and entered in the Focus Film Festival 2013, winning "Best Animation" and "Best in Show."

This story takes place in the mind of a child during the 1960s.

The title card/brand intro for KU Animation projects.
Lisa reprimands her future husband Tommy Wiseau for being so hysterical right after tearing him apart.
The untold story of McCollum Hall's demolition, following a student who aimlessly wanders campus after his eviction.
This music video was one of my final projects for an Editing class at the University of Kansas.
As a storytime segment in 'Flor y Yo', De Cuál Animal chooses which things belong to which animal through the use of a See 'n Say.
Things and animals include leche and vaca (milk & cow), miel & abeja (honey & bee), lana & oveja (wool & sheep), and huevos & gallina (eggs & hen).
Flor y Yo is a series of animated bumpers in-between PBS Kids shows that introduce Spanish vocabulary in a fun and often musical way.
An animated video concept for FMS Forward's alumni map. FMS Forward is the movement of the University of Kansas' Film & Media Studies department from Oldfather Studios to Summerfield Hall.
This was a final project for an Editing class at the University of Kansas, in which we had to reconstruct footage from a Basic Video Production project.
Here's the original cut:
A series of supernatural events unwind as a student finds herself reliving the tragedy that occurred at Centron Studios back in the late 50s.
A KU Visitor Center video by Alex Jaumann that I created the character animation for.

Disclaimer: This is just a joke making fun of the so-called “War on Christmas.” Don’t take it too seriously.

Season's greetings from Santa Claus at the North Pole!
This was my final project for an introductory Animation class at the University of Kansas.

As a storytime segment in 'Flor y Yo', El Gallo takes a look at the shenanigans of a rooster, hen, and their little chicks.

As a storytime segment in 'Flor y Yo', Hay Tres practices counting with different groups of animals in their homes.

As a storytime segment in Melanie Dill's 'Flor y Yo' series, Quiero Estar takes a look under the sea at a group of fish who want to be close to (and far from) each other.

This short was created by Jacob Hood (animation) and Melanie Dill (music).

"A promotional video, showcasing what we do and who we are here at Free State High School."

After questioning their sense of self-identification compared to other Courts, the 2013 Homecoming candidates decide it's time to fulfill a well-rounded high school experience. Agreeing that television best captures the spirit of high school, they decide to pitch a sitcom to their FSTV producers in Firebird Productions.

When Free State High School gets invaded by the evil USD497's League of Ominous Super Evil, The Phoenix (Freddie the Firebird's shadowy superhero alter-ego) steps in and recruits the 2013 Prom Candidates to suit up as the Firebird Action Hero Response Team (F.A.H.R.T.). Once assembled, our newly-formed heroes find themselves face-to-face with evil school board villains disguised as Free State faculty, fighting them off and trying to save the day before it's too late.

Yet another Harlem Shake featuring Free State High School's student section in Lawrence Kansas.

A video presentation for Free State High School's Chamber Choir as they perform MLK; a U2 song honoring the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr.
The song featured in the video is performed by Wartburg Choir (
Wreck-It Ralph reports live from Wine Country with a special report on wines. A tribute to Ralph, Dr. Steve Brule, and John C. Reilly.

Teen advice specialist Mr. McSexy-Stache stars in this quick, comprehensive, and radical 70's how-to video demonstrating the importance of being cool in your school. After all, high school popularity DOES determine the majority of your future success ... probably.

A Southwest Jr. High student film spoofing the ridiculously cheesy Spangles commercials (Spangles is a 50's themed restaurant located in Wichita and other towns in Kansas). In this parody, Ike the Bulldog introduces you to the Southwest burger, a cheeseburger that just tastes, well, mediocre.