Lawrence, KS Haunted House - 4520 Grove Drive:

COVID-19 Update:

Unfortunately due to the Delta variant, McFinnigan Manor will not be hosting tours in October 2021 as we had hoped. McFinnigan Manor is hosted in a residential space, and for the safety of our guests, cast and crew, we have decided to further postpone its 14th season to 2022.

While this was a very difficult decision, we appreciate your patience and understanding. During the downtime, we are using the 2021 Halloween season to expand the experience, and will be unveiling new unexplored parts of the manor in 2022. In the meantime, you are also invited to our socially distanced 2021 Halloween night ‘Taste Of McFinnigan Manor’ during trick-or-treating hours.

Free Admission, Donations Welcome - Proceeds go to United Way of Douglas County.

McFinnigan Manor can be a frightening journey into the spirit world that may be too intense for young children.

McFinnigan Manor is a home haunt attraction, not a traditional ghost tour.

The Attraction:

"On select evenings in October, ‘Haunted Location’ Ghost Tours are hosted through the remains of McFinnigan Manor; a once ominous countryside mansion, demolished in 1994 when a new house was constructed over the original basement. McFinnigan Manor is said to be one of the most haunted places in the nation, and its uninvited guests find themselves walking straight into the spirit world..."


The Story:

"The story of McFinnigan Manor is the story of a man named James McFinnigan, and the disturbing circumstances surrounding his family. In the early 1870s, when James was ten-years-old, he immigrated to Kansas with his father Robert McFinnigan. Robert was an Irish railway proprietor, and had developed a countryside manor estate for their large family. As James grew up, it is believed that he lost his mind. When James was a younger man, his father Robert and several other McFinnigans simply vanished. Coincidentally, their deaths would allow James to inherit the deed to the mansion…

At the turn of the twentieth century, after he had raised his own family, James lost his mind again. He became enraged when his son Hank McFinnigan married a lower class woman named Claudia. Hank and Claudia also, simply, vanished without a trace. James reluctantly gave the missing couple’s thirteen-day-old son, Frederick McFinnigan, a cold and distant upbringing inside the mansion.

Fred eventually moved out and his unusual height made him a celebrated basketball player in college. In 1923 Fred became engaged to a lower class girl named Emily, and he sent his grandfather James an invitation to their wedding. Instead of replying to his grandson, on September 13th, James took his own life. The noose and chair were found in the mansion’s basement, though James’ body seemingly vanished. Fred and Emily inherited the deed to the manor estate and moved into the mansion on Halloween night … but were never seen again."

"The mansion sat uninhabited until 1994 when a new neighborhood was developed. The manor estate was completely demolished, except for the mansion’s basement, which a new house was constructed over. We don’t know exactly what happened in that basement, but around Halloween, the veil to the spirit world seems to lift..."