Like Sally Streets, Quincy Quail, the Hollows, and McFinnigan Manor (my first four big stories/characters), these are old classic creative things I've done. However, these have since gone unchanged:

   Firebird Productions is the student TV company that produces the live events, movies, and programs seen on Free State High School's FSTV.

   The original Beast's Dungeon attraction was held at the Quail Run Medieval Carnival in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. It took guests through the legend of King Quincy’s cursed dungeon, in which a dragon trapped the villagers of the Kingdom of Quail. Guests had the chance to explore the dungeon as well as uncover secrets behind the mystery of the dragon.

   This attraction featured a story which incorporated medieval incarnations of characters from the Hollows and Quincy Quail. Much like McFinnigan Manor, it too was a "haunt" experience, though still had a unique identity.

   JG-inKorporated (JGinK for short) was the label I used to brand all of my creative work from 2002-ish all the way up to 2013. Originally the “G” came from my childhood friend named Geoff, and the “K” was added to “incorporated” after a funny misspelling that could be interpreted as an emphasis on our creativity (like with pens and ink). We used to run lemonade stands, walk-through haunted houses, distribute our own comic strips, and other things to make some cash as young kids. When I got older, I kept the name out of tradition since I was basically doing the same things, just on a bigger scale.

   Sally Streets, Quincy Quail, the Hollows, and McFinnigan Manor were the first four big stories/characters that helped create our identity as JGinK.

   In 2007, a friend of mine named Ryan had his own “company” called ‘Blade.’ After merging our two organizations together, we began calling his division ‘Blade-inKorporated.’ Ryan played a big part in the creation of the Hollows story and the original McFinnigan Manor (then spelled “McFinigon”), which had a Blade-sponsored sister attraction called the 'Osburn Asylum.' Though a bit crude, the website we created serves as a nostalgic and preserved relic of our childhoods.